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* Color Biblia de la mujer:


Especially conceived and developed for today’s women, this Bible has the following features:
- Bible text (New King James Version - NKJV).
- Words of Jesus printed in a different color.
- More than 100 pages inserted after the Bible text with special biblical tools, resources and curiosities: teachings and beliefs, Bible studies, list of Jesus’ miracles, parables, signs of His Second Coming, maps, etc.
- 30 pages beautifully illustrated featuring well known women of the Bible, with an interesting reflection about their lives and teachings: Abigail, Bathsheba, Deborah, Hagar, Martha, Mary, etc.
- More than 100 commentaries about issues related to women (Weddings in the Bible; Rape and violation; The levirate; Could a woman be a prophet in the Bible?). Written by recognized authors, these commentaries appear along the Bible text.
- Special introductions presented by sections (Pentateuch, Poetry books, Gospels, etc.), explaining the role played by the women of the Bible and how they fulfilled their special mission.
- Outline of each book of the Bible.
- Articles on more than 60 virtues and the women who better represent them.
- General articles on the well-known and less-known women of the Bible and practical lessons we can learn from them.

14,5 cm x 21,5 cm × 4 cm

4 colored covers available

Bible version:
The Holy Bible, New King James Version®

This Bible is a co-production of the SDA General Conference Women’s Ministries Department and Editorial Safeliz


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