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Safeliz Bibles, Adventist Hymnals, and Music

When buying Adventist music from Safeliz, you will find musical themes, hymns, or even the Bible with the Adventist hymnal. Also, by purchasing these items, you will be able to access them whenever and wherever you want. To get hold of them, you can take a look at the wide variety featured in our catalog, in which we make sure you will find everything that you are looking for.

We also offer you a diverse selection of Adventist instrumental hymnals that will help you draw closer to God and the church. Here you will find all genres of quality Adventist music that will help you maintain a balance between spirituality, intellect, and emotions.   

Advantages of Choosing Adventist Music

Through Adventist music, you will have the Word of God within your reach while enhancing your ability to grow in the gospel. The type of music, song, or Adventist hymnal that you choose will serve to glorify Christ. Moreover, in our stock, you will find the best singles with past and present songs.

However, as Adventists, we know that tastes vary from one individual to another; therefore, we contemplate a wide variety of sacred music and secular music so that you can worship Christ according to your preferences. Another advantage is that the Adventist music that you purchase here will reach you as soon as you let us know the address where you want to receive it.

Features of Adventist Music

Adventist music, songs, and Bibles with hymnals offer the believer a distinct, deep, and emotional way of worshiping Christ. All these music, thanks to the message that they contain, maintain the balance between rhythm, harmony, and melody. Moreover, it features easy-to-understand lyrics with clear teachings of the Bible.

The Adventist music that Safeliz offers is of high quality and appropriate in promoting spiritual, psychological, social, and personal sensitivity. Adventist hymns will lead you to represent the church principles correctly. But, above all, they will help you distinguish between hymns dedicated to Christ and the Adventist songs that contain calls, petitions, teachings, and testimonies.

Why Should You Be Interested in Purchasing Adventist Music?

Through the songs and Adventist hymns that we have prepared for you, you will efficiently and harmoniously understand the teachings of the Bible. Since they have an educational value, they will help you strengthen your Christian character and enjoy worshiping God.

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€15.64 Price

Nuevo himnario para Cuna y Jardín de Infantes.  

Esta herramienta le será muy útil para desarrollar la lección de cada Sábado, ya que todos los coritos para niños que el auxiliar para maestros de cada trimestre sugiere, se encuentran en esta colección. Ahora podrá hacer de su programa una clase muy amena con estas hermosas alabanzas. 



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€5.54 Price

En este libro encontrarás muchas vivencias de grandes autores que, al registrar sus alabanzas, nos permiten unirnos a ellos en la adoración. Lee sus historias, sus vivencias y admira sus obras. 



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€7.69 Price

Normas orientadoras referentes al uso de la música en nuestras iglesias e instituciones. Las instrucciones dadas son el resultado de años de años de experiencia, esfuerzo e investigación en el terreno de la dirección y administración de la música en la iglesia a la luz de la Biblia y el Espíritu de Profecía.