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The Best Bible Games and Pastimes for Kids and Teens

Bible games and pastimes are a fun way for children to share their faith with other peers. Within the Seventh-day Adventist Church, it is common to create recreational spaces for children, teens, and young adults. The goal is to energize and show them a new way of seeing the Word of God and also of learning while having fun.

Generally, Adventist social games are related to the Scriptures to achieve evangelism around something entertaining. There is a wide variety of Bible games for young Adventists and also games for Adventist kids, which will be very useful for your group.

Why Is It Important to Purchase Adventist Bible Games and Pastimes?

In meetings, it is always essential to have moments of healthy recreation. These moments help members socialize, get involved, and meet others. At the same time, it presents an excellent opportunity to learn. Therefore, there are games that you can download to share with your group. On the other side, these games are also classified according to the players’ age, so that you can save a lot of time in the selection.

Bible games are the most enjoyable, and they offer many game options. In them, you will find dynamics where the player has to order the books or answer questions according to a specific episode of the Scriptures. These pastimes are a lot of fun and offer you knowledge about faith and how to relate to others.

Features of Safeliz Bible Games and Pastimes

We have a good selection of games and pastimes for you to choose according to the needs of the group and the ages with which you are working. Within the church, each member needs to receive information according to his/her age, and even children can love the Word of God if they start learning about it from a young age.

That is why we offer Bible games for kids and also entertaining Bible answer and question games intended for young people. We also have social games and other endless options, which are fun and easy to understand, and, most of the time, there is no need for additional resources to play.

Select the Best Safeliz Bible Games and Pastimes

When it comes to biblical games and pastimes, we offer you a vast selection so that the little ones (and anyone, really) can have fun learning, be educated and educate others entertainingly and dynamically. You just have to choose the game or games that you like the most and start enjoying them.

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Aprenda la Biblia jugando con esta serie compuesta de ocho cajas, cada una de las cuales contiene 64 tarjetas con las mejores preguntas y respuestas bíblicas. Contiene instrucciones de juego.