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Our Adventist magazines

People often think that health and religion are two completely isolated worlds. This belief starts from the principle that what cannot be seen cannot be considered credible for science, however religion and science have many things in common, so they are directly or indirectly closely related. Hence, the need for the creation and publication of our Adventist magazines.

For example, in our Adventist journal of religion and health you will get those answers that the Lord can only give you through His word. And it is that, the healing hand of faith achieves positive effects in human beings who are ready to live it to its fullest and in those who truly trust. And what better way to deepen your faith than our specialized publications.

Why are our Adventist magazines important?

A natural remedy for the soul is faith. Currently stress or depression are severe emotional problems that seem to have no easy solution. Certainly science has managed certain treatments to greatly improve anxiety and other ills, but faith can help heal these kinds of problems.

And it is that living with a purpose that is not only earthly separates you from some of those problems that take your sleep away or generate anguish. Health is affected by what we feel, and by what we do or do not do, and that is where religion intervenes.

Therefore, our Adventist magazines are very valuable material to learn more about how to improve your health, inquire about some aspects of Adventist faith and doctrine, and much more.

Features of our Adventist magazines

Our magazines will provide you with valuable content on faith, very appropriate to keep you in communion with God at all times and strengthen your faith.

In the same way, it shows cases and experiences lived by many people so that you can find the answer to those questions that have always made you want to know more. And it is that each person has his history and mission, and therefore, seeks his own answers.

It is for all these reasons that our magazines are an important complement to self-help and spiritual and personal growth that can give you a different vision from other types of publications, such as books and audiovisual resources and in some cases more specific and current, which is why they are an essential resource that you should not miss.

Get your Adventist magazines

Find the best information on Adventist health and religion with our magazines and get that much-needed support to stay in the faith and improve your life. Get our latest publications and keep up to date with the best authors.

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Una revista con un contenido maravilloso. 

Trata temas como la liberación de la culpa, peligros de jugar con el mal, lo que proporciona paz y descanso. 

¡Disfruta la alegría de vivir! 

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€8.65 Price

La Revista Adventista lanza una edición especial que incluye tres artículos en profundidad sobre temas bíblicos, misioneros y sociales, y un informe individual de cada departamento de nuestra iglesia, con sus proyectos y retos. Vuelve a sentir tu Revista en papel, una iglesia más cerca de ti.