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The Best Safeliz Audiovisual Material

We offer you the best Adventist audiovisual material to increase faith. We provide various top-quality audiovisual productions that allow you to approach the Adventist doctrine from different perspectives and be open to the call of being a missionary on earth and bring the Word of God to anyone in need. This type of audiovisual production reaches people much faster than any educational book.

Today, more and more young people use social networks and the internet, and they are used to receiving information in an audiovisual format; therefore, religion cannot be left behind. Videos, audios, programs, along with other elements, are excellent ways of sharing the gospel because they are easier to understand and are more accessible and useful to the general public.

Why Is It Important to Purchase Adventist Audiovisual Material from Safeliz?

Audiovisual materials have many benefits; for instance, a short clip can offer you a lot of interesting information about spiritual growth. Moreover, it is a format that allows easy distribution through different media, such as social networks, email, smartphones, among others. More and more people are working to create this type of content to promote evangelism.

Expenses are also considerably reduced since we are dealing with an element that is easy to transport and send via different media. Some productions are much more expensive than others, but their purpose remains the same. Adventist audiovisual materials nurture and help to increase faith if approached seriously. Likewise, you can purchase audiovisual materials intended mainly for children.

Features of Safeliz Science and Religion Books

Our Adventist audiovisual material is of excellent quality and covers different topics, such as science, religion, sexuality, health, games, mission, education, among others. These materials are very useful for evangelization purposes or simply for socialization in your local church or group meetings. Moreover, they strengthen the participants’ trust in the Lord.

Similarly, there is an extensive list of topics that you can present using the Adventist audiovisual material for teens. Generally, young audiences enjoy this type of content much more because it is more practical, and there is no need to read to understand, so the message comes across easier. If you wish, you can download this information and enjoy all its benefits starting now.

Select the Best Adventist Audiovisual Material from Safeliz

We have a wide range of high-quality audiovisual productions that you can select based on your preferences. Choose according to the subjects you want to discuss and encourage spiritual growth within your group or local church by using materials intended for children, youth, or adults.

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Con más de 25 invitados. El congreso de Jóvenes de Cieling 2.0 pretende motivar a los jóvenes adventistas para que desarrollen su creatividad y sus talentos y pongan en marcha iniciativas innovadoras que transformen nuestra iglesia y ayuden a compartir el mensaje del evangelio a todo el mundo.