Since the beginning, Seventh-day Adventists have developed a high interest in Bible prophecy. In addition to studying end-time events, early Seventh-day Adventists also focused on studying and teaching distinguished doctrines such as the Second Coming, the sanctuary, the state of the dead, the three angels’ messages, the Sabbath, and the Ten Commandments. Only after the 1888 Minneapolis General Conference did Seventh-day Adventists start to give attention to the important truth of righteousness by faith. This very teaching, which almost split the church in 1888, has been a reason for debate and theological controversy.

This book was written because understanding righteousness by faith and the end-time events are essential for every believer. Pastor Leonard Tolhurst devotes several chapters to clearly outline what righteousness by faith is and what it is not. He also addresses some difficult topics, such as the human nature of Christ. A person’s view on whether Jesus had a sinful or sinless nature determines, to a large extent, his or her understanding of righteousness by faith. Some chapters deal with the 2,300-day prophecy of Daniel and their interpretations by futurists and preterists. The second half of the book focuses on end-time events: the three angels’ messages, the latter rain, the sealing, Armageddon, among others. It ends with the Second Coming and the millennium.

Each chapter is filled with Bible texts, Ellen G. White quotes, and a list of Supportive Sources for further study. The book is a tremendous resource for Bible teachers, ministers, and church members.

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Leonard Philps Tolhurst
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